GAM 500 UT

Highly Sensitive Gas Analysis System

Gas Mass Spectrometer for Ultra Trace Gas Analysis and the quality management of gas mixtures

Special designed online gas analysis system for the quality control during the manufacturing and on point of use of ultra pure bulk gases and gas mixtures

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The gas-tight cross-beam ion source results in impressive measurement dynamics, which covers eight orders of magnitude: from 100% to ppb.

Trace components are analyzed within seconds and the minutest changes in concentration are recorded with extreme accuracy.

The device provides highly precise results in the routine determination of main and secondary components in gas mixtures.

Data Sheet as a PDF (105.0 KiB)
  • Digitally controlled mass spectrometer (mass range 1-512), with bus system
  • Gas-tight cross-beam ion source with very long service life
  • High measurement dynamics from 100% to approx. 10 ppb
  • Sample pressure range < 0.01 mbar to approx. 5 bar
  • Computer-controlled gas switching
  • Extreme long-term stability, less time required for calibration
  • Design according the rules of ultra pure gas handling
Data Sheet as a PDF (105.0 KiB)

Mass range
1 - 512 amu

Windows® 7 or higher

InProcess Quadstar

Data communication
Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC others on request

Electrical connection
Main voltage 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz others on request

Protection class
IP 20

Ambient conditions
Temperature < 35°C; rel. humidity < 75%

Approx. 700 x 920 x 1360 mm (w x d x h)

Approx. 250 kg

Data Sheet as a PDF (105.0 KiB)

Application Samples GAM 500 UT

Quality Assurance for Special Gas Mixtures

Ultrapure and customized blended gases are becoming increasingly increasingly... [more]
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