EDA 407

Electronic Device Analyzer

The EDA 407 is especially designed to comply with the increasing requirements of the electronic device industry for product monitoring and quality control of small hermetically sealed electronic components.

The high-performance quadrupole mass spectrometer for humidity analysis in electronic devices is available with customized sample holders and breaking chambers and is individually adjustable for devices with various dimensions.

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Humidity analysis for small hermetically sealed electronic components

High-performance quadrupole mass spectrometer for quality control of electronic devices

Detection limit for water <500 ppm for volumes 10 - 500 µl

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas inclusions inside the housing of electronic devices from ppm to 100%

Fully automated data analysis

Data Sheet as a PDF (595.5 KiB)

High sensitive ion source

90° off axis SEM detector

Customized sample holders and breaking devices
Individually adjustable for devices with various dimensions

Humidity generator for calibration with water vapour
Dew point temperature from -30°C to +15°C (500 - 17.000 ppm H2O)

Data Sheet as a PDF (595.5 KiB)

Mass range
1 - 512 amu

Windows® 7 or higher

InProcess Quadstar

Data communication
Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC others on request

Electrical connection
Main voltage 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz others on request

Protection class
IP 54

Ambient conditions
Temperature < 35°C; rel. humidity < 75%

Standard: ca. 700 x 920 x 1270 mm + ca. 600 x 810 x 1700 mm (w x d x h)

Standard: ca. 600 kg

Data Sheet as a PDF (595.5 KiB)
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