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Quadrupol Mass Spectrometer for Online Gasanalysis

Product Overview

  • Efficent analysis systems for online gas analysis
    Individual comprehensive solutions for multiple applications
  • Variety and individuality in modular design
    Building-block system for flexible solutions
  • IPI mass spectrometers and InProcess software
    Ideal combination of hardware and software

Customizable Products by IPI

GAM 2000
Multicomponent Online Gas Analyzer

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for fast and precise multicomponent online gas analysis.

Designed for use in industrial processes in chemistry and pharmacy, laboratory and engineering.

GAM 3000
Industrial Process Gas Control

Process gas quadrupole mass spectrometer for fast automated online gas analysis in industry and research

GAM 4000
Customizable Mass Spectrometer

The GAM 4000 can be perfectly configured for the respective application because of its open design and the variety of modular assemblies.
Thus, the system perfectly meets the requirements for continuous gas analysis in research, technology development and special applications in laboratory and process analytics.

IMU 2000
Mass Spectrometer System for the Analysis of UF6
  • Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for the determination of isotope ratios and impurity analysis of UF6
  • Allows for monitoring of the UF6 content and its composition in carrier gases such as HF
  • Isotope analysis of other corrosive gases with compatibility to the gas inlet system (stainless steel, LN2 cold trap)
GIA 522
Bubble Gas Analyzer

The GIA 522 gas inclusion analysis system was developed to analyse small to extremely small gas inclusion in technical glasses, ceramics or minerals.

Fully automated data analysis with customer specific designed and built sample holders and measurement chambers (manual or automatic).

EDA 407
Electronic Device Analyzer

The EDA 407 is especially designed to comply with the increasing requirements of the electronic device industry for product monitoring and quality control of small hermetically sealed electronic components.

The high-performance quadrupole mass spectrometer for humidity analysis in electronic devices is available with customized sample holders and breaking chambers and is individually adjustable for devices with various dimensions.

LGA 200
For Lamp Gas Analysis

The LGA 200 is specially designed for filling gas analysis in combination with one particular type of lamp.

The device technology adapted to the lamp type enables the determination of concentrations and partial pressures of the filling gas components.

LGA 407
For Lamp Gas Analysis

For quality control and R&D in lamp production and development

The device technology adapted to the lamp type enables the determination of concentrations and partial pressures of the filling gas components.

GAM 200
Multi Component Gas Analyzer

The GAM 200 is a mass spectrometer for fast and precise multi-component gas analysis.

The variety of gas inlet systems and the flexibility of our InProcess-Quadstar software allow the user to adapt the system to the most diverse tasks in industry and laboratory.

For use in Ex areas

Process Mass Spectrometer for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 and 2

Applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry e.g. drying processes, fermentation monitoring or process engineering.

GAM 300
Process Analysis for Industrial Applications

Versatile process mass spectrometer for rapid and sensitive online gas analysis in industrial processes (PAT).

ATEX certification available for potentially explosive zones.

For use in Ex areas

Process Mass Spectrometer for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 1 and 2

Application in the chemical and petrochemical industry e.g. production of ethylene oxide, ammonia or methanol

GAM 400
Multipurpose Mass Spectrometer

Mobile mass spectrometer for R & D analysis, variable system with open design, versatile and flexible in configuration.

The configuration can be enhanced for each application (e.g. cooling traps for liquid N2, batch volumes) and therefore perfectly meets the requirements of range of varying applications.

GAM 500 UT
Highly Sensitive Gas Analysis System

Gas Mass Spectrometer for Ultra Trace Gas Analysis and the quality management of gas mixtures

Special designed online gas analysis system for the quality control during the manufacturing and on point of use of ultra pure bulk gases and gas mixtures

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